Magazine Articles Written

In almost twenty years I’ve written for more than thirty different magazines, a dozen newspapers and scores of websites, both creating the content for the site pages as well as blogging.

Unfortunately, most of my magazine articles were water damaged while living in Western New York.  I saved what I could and scanned several, which you will find below.  

On this page, you will also find links to some of my more recent work, both for my autism blog, Not Weird Just Autistic and for my two columns at Good Men Project.  There are also links to interviews I’ve done as well as a list of who I’ve written for.

Magazine Article PDF’s


Publications Written For

Spirit (Southwest Airlines)               

Smoke (cigar magazine)

Trump World (premier edition)       

 Chile Pepper

OC Metro                                          


Speedway Illustrated

Baseball America

Mighty Ducks Digest (Anaheim Ducks official game program)



Gaming Today


Woodall’s R.V.

Barbecue and Beverage

Racing Milestones

Face Off


El Restaurante Mexicano

Cincinnati Enquirer

Anchorage Daily News

Los Angeles Times

Fresno Bee

Orange County Register

Idaho Statesman

Los Angeles News Group

Man of the House

Bad Online Dates

Circle of Moms

Good Men Project—I write two columns and am an editor


Guest Appearances & Video

I’ve been lucky enough to have been interviewed by several different folks.  Here are some links to the appearances along with links to the Not Weird Just Autistic YouTube channel and Facebook Live videos.

Autism Live With Shannon and Nancy   Video

First Appearance on the Eli Winfrey Show, Book Review

Book Talk Club Radio Appearance

Second Eli Winfrey Show Appearance–High  School Transition talk

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