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“In this straightforward relationship guide, JR Reed meets a growing need in the world of teens and adults with Asperger’s.  He not only provides the reader with needed information, he breathes life into the words with a mix of information and reflection.

As an ‘advocate, not a clinician’, Mr. Reed writes in a charming, conversational style comprised of clearly stated practical strategies.  This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand the world of those unique individuals with Asperger’s and the challenges they face in relationships.”


Dr. Linda Barboa, Executive Director, Stars For Autism

Author, The Nuts & Bolts of Autism, and twenty more titles

Autism Advocate, Author, Speaker, Blogger, Nerd.

These words all describe J.R. Reed.

He has three books coming out soon, An Asperger’s Guide to Dating Neurotypicals: P.S. It Works For Married Couples Too, will be out in mid-May of 2018. Asperger’s Isn’t Contagious: and Asperger’s Is My Superpower both out soon.

If you’re looking for someone personable and down to earth to speak to your group about Asperger’s, how to deal with integrating high functioning autistics at the high school age and above into the workplace or social circles, you’re in the right place!  Need help with relationships between Aspies (those with Asperger’s) and NT’s (Neurotypicals or non-autistics), J.R. has that covered too.

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In its third month in existence, Not Weird Just Autistic, the blog from author J.R. Reed, was named a Top 50 Autism Blog.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do by clicking the picture above and sign up for email notifications of new posts.